Who is Oguste ?

Premium delivery food with a French and local taste

Who has never been disappointed by food delivery? We wait for the delivery guy, the bell rings, we open the bag and here comes the disappointment! In Marlo Cottin’s mind, things are clear: delivery food very often arrives cold, scrumbled or drippin.

"Reinvent food delivery, give it a premium image. The image of a perfect service that delivers quality, French and local street food, cooked on the spot."

Frenchly good

Oguste is the adventure of passionate dream hunters with various destinies, of a team that chases the same goals. We consider humans as our main resource and as the best ingredient of a successful recipe.

Oguste is a cooking company that delivers food to all the gourmets in search of excellent French and local produce. Vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or aperovorous, our mission is to delight your buds.

Our team

Passionate about authentic tastes and flavors

Marlo Cottin
Founder & CEO
Magali Cotro
Co-founder & Head of Marketing
Morine Borkowiak
Head Cheffe

Delight in every bite

Discover our delicious dishes

You enjoy innovative cuisine? Our dishes will truly seduce you. Discover our “bigrement” good burgers, our crispy croques, our healthy bowls and our moody inspirations of the moment!

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