Our menu

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Lunch meal


Enjoy a savory time for your lunch. Choose one main course and one sweet.

Choose your main course and your sweet

Choose your main course

You can choose between our home-made croques and bowl.

Choose a sweet

A healthy break for a delicious moment. Choosing one is the hardest thing.

Choose your beverage

Coca -cola, Coca 0, Schweppes agrum, Fuze tea Peach,  Fuze tea mint & lemon, water

The apero corner

Our Fingers food 6,5€ piece

Cheesy sticks

Homemade with Gouda & mimolette cheese

Chicken nuggets (*4)

Homemade with french chicken

Falafels french style

Oguste's cellar

Riviera Beer

Handcrafted beer from Saint-Raphaël, whith delicious flavors from South-East France.

Domaine de la Goujonne

Organic wine from the Var, light and fresh with a sweet taste of summer fruits and flowers.

Terre Destel PDO

Expressive with a lot of character .

The Burgers

Bigrement good

Oguste’s burgers are cooked on demand and are as delicious as gourmet. The bread is handcrafted and produced by a local bakery, sauces are surprising and home-made, our meat is French and weights at least 125g for charolais beef, our trout is beautiful, pink and local, cheese is AOP and smells as good as in the countryside, our vegetables are from greengrocers and from the market. So yes, let’s please ourselves but let’s please responibly with Oguste!

our Burgers

Choose your side : +2€

Add a soft drink : + 1€

The Veggie 10.9€

Grilled vegetables (eggplants, zucchini, pepper, tomato), onion, goat cheese, pistou mayonnaise.


The Classique 12.9€

125g Charolais beef, grilled bacon, AOP comté cheese,
tomato, red onion, rocket, Oguste BBQ sauce.

The Seguin 12.9€

Chicken filet, fried goat cheese , onion chutney, rocket, honey mustard.

The Savoyard 13.9€

125g Charolais beef, AOP reblochon cheese, grilled bacon, red marinated cabbage, white mushrooms, mustard butter.

The Pêcheur 14.9€

Salmon filet, red onion, rocket, basilic mayonnaise.

The Croques


The crispy croques are fast-good’s hall-of-famers. We dust them a little bit and make them savory and gourmet dishes, toasted on demand. Our bread is both crispy and soft. Bite them once, bite them every time!

Our croques

Choose your side : + 2€

Add a soft drink : + 1€

Croc-Monsieur 10.9€

Soft bread with salted butter, superior cooked ham, AOP comté cheese.

Croc-Campagnard 11.9€

Rustic bread, mustard butter, chicken filet, PDO morbier cheese, grilled bacon, onion chutney, rocket.

Salads & Bowls


Are you there only by chance or is a healthy break calling you? Now we can talk about a summer body! Don’t miss a healthty, fresh and gourmet moment!

Our salads & Bowls

Add a soft drink : +1€

Réconfort 12.5€

Salad, superior cooked ham, tomato, radish, cucumber, carot, AOP comté cheese, rustic vinaigrette.

Campagnard 13.5€

Salad, chicken, grilled bacon, red onion, radish, hard boiled organic egg, croûtons with Provence herbs.

Vegan Bowl 12.5€

Lentilles & quinoa, french falafels, red cabbage, radish, cucumber, carrot, beans, tomato, thaï vinaigrette.



Goat cheese salad 13,50€

Mesclun salad, fried goat cheese, smoked duck magret, apple, tomato, carrot, honey & mustard vinaigrette. 

Salmon Bowl 14.5€

Lentilles & quinoa, fresh salmon filet, cabbage, radish, tomato, carrot, cucumber, soja beans thaï vinaigrette.


Pitchoun Menu

Only for the kids


You might be a little one but you already know what kind of food you like. Your stomach is small but you have a hearty appetite?

Your friend Oguste reminded you and picked up some great and high quality products for you!

Croc Jeun'homme

Just like the Monsieur but smaller.

Farm-bred chicken scalop

Served with fresh fries or grilled vegetables or mixed salad.

The sides

A selection of small delights that we enjoy savoring on top of a course. Except the baker’s bread, everything is home-made.

Fresh fries 4€

Fleshy, crispy and minute-made. Once you taste it you can’t do without it.

Mixed Salad 4€

Simple and classic: salad, tomato, onion and this is not a kebab.

The Sweets

There is no other way that letting yourself be taken away by our delicious desserts, made on the spot. We revisit classics popular in the heart of gourmets because we think that the extraordinary hides in simplicity. Who said greed was a bad sin already?

Tiramichou praline 5€

The Mousse au choc'Oguste 4€

The Granola Bowl 4€

White cheese, homemade granola, seasonal fruits and honey


Oguste’s bistrot is the guarantee of a perfect hydration and discovery of our partner’s amazing products. There is a perfect one for everyone.

Soft drinks

Waters 2.5€

Let’s simply hydrate, whether we prefer still or sparkling water. The spring remains French.

Sodas 3.5€

A local coke, an handcrafted lemonade or a classic citrus Perrier, we are still 100% with French products.

Local juices 4€

Fresh local fruit juices, organic and handcrafted with no added sugar. We can try them for sure!

Bee Zen ice tea 3€

Delicious flavors of peach and honey that calm your heart and spirit for a relaxing time. And you help preserve bees at the same time!

Oguste's cellar

Riviera Beer 4,5€

Handcrafted beer from Saint-Raphaël, whith delicious flavors from South-East France.

Domaine de La Goujonne Cuvée Léa 15€

Organic wine from the Var, light and fresh with a sweet taste of summer fruits and flowers.

Terre Destel PDO 22€

Organic wine from the Var, expressive and with a lot of character.

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